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Picture from Ink & Daggers Illustration (ally not autistic)

So, I learned that a sorority at my school supported Autism $peaks in my class and my mind short-circuited and I wrote this…it’s time to listen to us:

So, I’m writing this in class because someone mentioned that you support Autism Speaks and I’m…stunned

I’m an autistic and part of the autistic pride movement, and as the articles will show you, we consider them a hate group against us…they thrive on stigma of our community, and they spend 43% of their funding on ads perpetuating that stigma like this, and 4% on family services (source here)…almost 11 times as much advertising us than helping us. They have no autistic members among their board, and spend most of their money on research on how to cure us or prevent our existence (now it’s 3% on family services, 39 % on advertising [13 times as much], and they now spend more on advertising than research, source is this flyer)…their blue puzzle piece, in addition to all the points I mentioned in that link, also contributes to the misperception that autism mainly affects boys leading to the stuff mentioned in this article
I’m sharing you articles that both I and others in the community have written. I’m honestly begging you here, please stop donating to them…if you want to support autistics, our main policy organization is The Autistic Self Advocacy Network, as you are a sorority you can look into the Autism Women’s Network as well, both of them are run by us and are fighting for us. A$ has been a huge stumbling block…barrier moreso by dominating the narrative with considering us a tragedy…I don’t blame you for thinking that they’re the right organization to donate to, many do, but as these articles from all around the community will show you…it’s the worst thing that you could do for us…
From myself
You Have the Choice: Autism Acceptance (message to our allies; TW: Autism Speaks) (…it’s terrible enough to deserve a trigger warning for my fellow autistics because the mention of it hurts…it’s on Autism Awareness and asking people to support Autism Acceptance, our community’s movement)
From my co-blogger (autistic mom of an autistic son)
And from many many others (each of the following articles are from different sources…even if you don’t read them all, I’m hoping that you get the impression that this is a universal thing)
Autistic Hoya: An Unholy Alliance: Autism Speaks and the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC does electric shocks on autistics…yes it still happens, and your current charity of choice supports it)
Why? Why? Why?  (from a parent)
Look Me In The Eye: I resign my roles at Autism Speaks (this is a resignation letter from an autistic guy who tried to change the organization from within but realized that he couldn’t)
why i #BoycottAutismSpeaks | a diary of a mom (from a parent that dearly regrets supporting them once)
“Autism Speaks”- but Should Everyone Listen? – The Daily Beast (not autistic…but actual news organization)
This picture is from Ink and Daggers Illustration (ally not autistic)
…I have given you a total of seventeen different sources here, a range of parents of nonverbal children, verbal and nonverbal autistic adults, ally pages, an actual news organization…with one shared voice…boycott A$. These are Autistics Speaking against them…please listen, I beg you, don’t continue to support the hatred that you have unknowingly been supporting.
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Added 12/28/16:
Recently Autism $peaks added Polly Tommey to their organization. This is all kinds of wrong as she’s an anti-vaxxer involved with the anti-vaxxer anti-autistic hate film Vaxxed which was directed by the person who started the false connection between vaccines and autism, Andrew Wakefield. I thought that they couldn’t be worse, they proved me wrong.
Added resources 4/3/17:
4/21/17 my Autism Acceptance piece A Red Rage #RedInstead – The Outcast Post