So, I did this rant on Facebook, and Tricia encouraged me to share it here…so I am. It’s in response to how anti-vaxxers love to use the rise of autism and how it correlates to the use of vaccines as a reason to say that vaccines cause autism (despite the fact that correlation does not equal causation, and if it did…well, let’s let the image speak for why that may be an issue for the pseudoscientist scum)

Organic food sales rise at the same time as autism diagnoses, which, according to anti-vaxxer "logic", means that they cause autism

So, I decided to write a response that detailed all the reasons why diagnoses are rising, why the United States has more diagnoses, why that’s a good thing, and why I hope that they continue to rise:
“Vaccines don’t cause autism
Stop throwing us under the bus as part of your agenda
The reason for more people being diagnosed (not *having*, but diagnosed, the many self-diagnosed aren’t even included in the statistics) is that we are better at recognizing what exactly autism is
We went from thinking of autism as just non-verbal to the spectrum
This is actually a really good thing, as it made it so people like myself can get the help they need because of an official diagnosis that we can show doctors to get medicine or to schools to get the accommodations we need to survive
The change to the spectrum model happened here in the States, was put in the DSM, which other countries use as well
Of course more people are diagnosed here, the change happened here first
Autism used to be considered just a childhood disorder as well, meaning that adults who would be diagnosed autistic if they were born now aren’t diagnosed
They may not think they’re autistic, but maybe something happens that makes them want to seek out and fork up the money to get tested, they get diagnosed, bam, an addition to your statistics
Many psychiatrists may still be under that childhood disorder notion and may not diagnose adults, and the diagnostic criteria is geared to children anyways, this happened to a mother I know whose child was diagnosed…many moms don’t even think of the idea of being autistic until they have their children diagnosed
There’s also a perception that autism is in boys only (assisted as well by issues with the diagnostic criteria…the boy thing is why people lit it up blue in April…issues with that are outside the scope of this point), so as we get more open to girls being autistic and more perceptive of how their autism manifests, more will be diagnosed…so, yes, it is an improvement in the criteria, and we still have a long way to go…all of my self-diagnosed friends aren’t included, and that means that they aren’t getting the help from the system
You are wrong, so utterly wrong, and we autistics are sick and tired of being used by you and your anti-vaxxer ilk”

I honestly hope diagnoses do increase…at the moment the ratio of boys diagnosed to girls is 4 to 1, and there is absolutely no genetic reason that has been found, only issues with the criteria that are stopping girls from getting the help that I need…however, it will never be one in two, as those who call us an epidemic say as a scare tactic.

If you want some more information about some things in here, I may be able to provide if you ask in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and please share to combat the people who keep using us for their deadly agenda