“Born free, but still they hate.
Born me, no I can’t change.”

Rise Against – Make It Stop (September’s Children)



So, recently a young hero of mine, Marco Arturo, created this absolutely killer video (watch the whole thing, remember that I’m an extremely pro-vax autistic) debunking the anti-vaxxers argument about vaccines causing autism…what followed was something that I honestly shouldn’t have been surprised about…after attacking him with arguments on his Facebook page which he continuously shredded (for just one example check his brilliant explanation of “the dose makes the poison” [the point that ingredients like formaldehyde may indeed be dangerous if you chug them, but the miniscule amount in vaccines can’t harm you {…there’s also more of that specific chemical in a pear}]), they decided to create multiple articles against him, insult him saying things like “I want to throat punch this kid” and “clearly on the spectrum himself no?” (truly wonderful seeing that used as an insult…) and dox him (definition of dox here).

All of this vileness because a genius twelve-year-old countered the claim that vaccines cause autism (if you don’t believe him, how about these 107 studies that also counter that claim).

I am tired of being used, and of the tragedy narrative (my term to describe the narrative that autism is something to fear/avoid/cure…all of the terrible things happening to us that I mention in Why I Fight are merely symptoms of this story about us that is the main narrative about autism) that makes them think that being like us is a fate worse than death from the diseases that vaccines prevent.

So, to anti-vaxxers and all of those who spread this narrative, hear this well:

We are not a tragedy. We are human, just like you, and deserve the same respect that you do.

We are not “vaccine-injured”. Autism isn’t an “injury” at all, is a genetic condition, and we are sick and tired of being used as a pawn for your agenda, of hearing our parents talk about how the light left our eyes when they made the choice to save our lives from deadly diseases, and of having you listen to Playboy models like Jenny McCarthy or movie directors like Robert De Niro (fun fact: before he changed his mind and decided to defend VAXXED, Andrew Wakefield‘s latest effort to profit off of the tragedy narrative, after his film festival retracted the film Naturalnews pretty much called him a Nazi…no point too low, gladly trivializing the holocaust before they changed to regard him as a saint) over actual doctors.

We are not broken neurotypicals who need to be “fixed” by therapies like ABA (and, before you say “That’s not ABA”, which I have seen by people who do something they call ABA…you don’t practice ABA according to the father of the therapy, who said such lovely quotes like this, and it had vile articles written about it like this one, screams, slaps & love. There may be tamed versions that are more palatable now, but still today we are having electric shock devices used on us to train us out of behaviors, so understand why I cringe and turn away whenever I see those letters) or “cured” by deadly things like MMS. We are autistic-autism is what makes us the unique beings we are, colors all our strengths and weaknesses, and not only would you have a completely different child if you “succeeded” in your terrible quest to remove the parts of your child you can’t accept, your attempts can scar us for the rest of our lives, with your message of us being broken, incurably diseased (because the MMS won’t make us what you want, so we’ll go through our lives thinking that even after all the hell you put us through we couldn’t be “cured” of our neurology), and of our coping strategies (stimming) being abnormalities to be stifled leads to high rates of PTSD and suicide in our community.

We are not Neurotypical people covered with a shell of autism that you can crack or a wall of autism you can bulldoze through to get to. We are what we are. We do communicate-we do feel (oh, how we do…to the point where I sometimes wish I was emotionless)-we just may not know how or even be able to communicate in or understand your usual way. It is a language barrier that, if you are willing to love and accept your child for who and what they are and put the work into learning our way of expression and help guide us to understand (NOT force us to imitate. Assume that we are trying to function and that if we are not doing something there may be a reason…we have sensitivities that you don’t, and what you may try to perceive as a stubborn child may be us trying to avoid things that cause us pain or discomfort, communication that should be heard…again, forcing us not to stim or forcing eye contact to make us more like you is wrong, you’re breaking us, not fixing us)  the peculiarities of your language (voice tone and body positioning and eyes and all of that stuff is weird…we need help figuring it out some, and respect when we can’t emulate it), this barrier can be broken.

We are not yours to do what you want with. We are human beings. When we are in meltdowns, our weakest moments, the moments when we need help, you should not whip out your phone to record us to put us on Youtube (when looking for “What’s wrong with meltdown videos”, 4 of these terrible videos popped up…we are not your amusement. Think about the time you were most overwhelmed and your reaction, and think if you would want that on the web for the world to see. Now multiply that amount of stress by 10, and you have what brings us to meltdown…it is so messed up to take a video of your children when this is happening, and the makers of these videos should be ashamed. Also, meltdowns are not tantrums, they are communication that stress has been building up and has finally exploded). We are not yours to kill, and when our caregivers do kill us (this has a list of 224 instances like this), they do not deserve your “understanding” (and when you believe these things, you perpetuate the killing). Murder is murder, taking the life of another human being no matter their neurology is still taking their life…frankly, writing this one out, realizing that people seem to need to be told this, makes me feel sick. I should not have to tell you that murder is bad, but people actually need to hear it…

But that’s the way the narrative goes, brought into focus every April, but also lurking in our minds through the year.

If people accepted us as the equal human beings we are, then nobody would be attacking a child for making a video reaffirming something that has been proven over and over…because nobody would use us as a reason not to vaccinate, Wakefield wouldn’t have made a fraudulent article blaming vaccines for the tragedy of our existence…for we are not a tragedy. We are you.

Marco, if you read this, know that it’s not you that they hate. The tide of rage that they represent has existed for years, we have been fighting against it, and your total awesomeness made them latch onto you…keep fighting on, don’t let them get to you too much, the future seems brighter knowing that you’ll be in it.

-Laoch Onórach